Many users often deal with static electricity when using wood chip pellet machine. For the sake of people's safety and security, today we would like to teach users how to prevent static.

1. Before operating, as a professional pellet machine manufacturer, we must remind you that it is necessary to check wood pellet machine in order to ensure static grounding and fastening. Otherwise, the wet powder grinding operation should be carried out.

2. When pelletizing wet powder, we should employ single pellet machine, and deliver the wet powder barrel from the centrifugation room to pelletizing room and deliver one when the former is finished, in case that the particles should gather together and acetone concentration is on the high side.

wood chip pellet machine

3. We advice users to wear face mask, gloves, antistatic underwear and static conductive shoes when operating wood chip pellet machine or sawdust pellet machine.

4. In the operation, it is forbidden to bump against the bin of pellet machine with wet powder hammer and stainless barrel, in case of electrostatic sparks.

5. Before pelletizing, users must check the hygrometer near the pellet machine and ensure the humidity above 50%. When the humidity is lower than 50%, it is necessary to humidify partially with sprinkling can until the space humidity reaches to 50%, and then operate the pellet machine.

By paying attention to the above several points, it can help you effectively prevent static and get rid of its damages. Fote Machinery is a specialized pellet machine manufacturer in China and has a variety of pellet machines for sale with superb quality and attractive price. If you want to get more information about our pellet machines, please consult our online customer service or leave us a message on our website with your processing materials and production requirements.

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