Mineral Powder Briquetting Machine

Mineral Powder Briquetting Machine

Power: 7.5-30kw

Capacity: 4-70TPH

Materials: Mineral powder, metal powder, coal powder, coke powder, iron, ore, iron oxide, slag, refractory and other materials.

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Mineral powder is a collective name for stone powder and its substitutes meeting the working requirements. It is the product that mineral ores are crushed and processed.

 Due to the characteristics of mineral powder itself, the mineral powder is not easy to transport and easily generate dust in the smelting process, therefore, before smelted, mineral powder is usually pressed by mineral powder briquetting machine.

mineral powder briquetting machine

Mineral powder briquetting machine can press mineral powder into ball at one time, with the features of high productivity and large strength. And finished product can be directly smelted in blast furnace. In the transportation and handling process, the finished product is not easily broken. Mineral powder briquette making machine not only can be used to press mineral powder, but also to press "three wastes" materials of steel industry, such as coal powder, iron powder, coke powder, aluminite powder, iron scrap, sinter, carbon powder, charcoal powder, slag, gypsum, tailings, sludge, kaolin clay, activated carbon, breeze, etc. And other powder, waste residue and slag.

briquette machine

 It is widely used in refractory material, power plants, metallurgical, chemical, energy, transportation, heating and other industries. Mineral powder briquette making machine of our company has been used in many metal smelting, steel making, mineral ore and other industries, and gets high reputation.

Mineral Powder Briquetting Machine

Working Process of Mineral Powder Briquetting Machine:

1. Crushing: Primarily and secondarily crush mineral ore or raw material according to briquetting demands.
2. Screening: Screen the crushed materials. Unsuitable materials are crushed again until it fits for the demands.
3. Mixing: Humidify materials according to the machine humidity demands and mix evenly.
4. Pressing: Press the mixed materials into shape.
5. Drying and Cooling
6. Conveying: Convey the materials to next equipment and prepare for the smelting.

Components of Mineral Powder Briquette Making Machine:

1. Feeding Parts: It adopts four-roller pressure to feed constantly, which ensures materials feed evenly into rollers.
2. Conveying Parts: Main bearings synchronous work with driven shaft through gears.
3. Molding Parts: It can adjust pressure according to pressing density.

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