Straw pellet machine is a new type of molding machinery. It is designed for making biomass pellet fuel and usually takes agricultural wastes as its raw materials, such as corn stalk, cotton stalk, soybean straw, rice straw, sawdust, wood shavings, chaff, filings, rice husk, peanut shell, seedlings, and so on. What features of straw pellet machine do you know? Next, I would like to introduce its features to everyone in detail.

FTM Straw Pellet Machine

1. Straw pellet machine is applicable to a wide variety of raw materials like sawdust, rice husk, crop straw, stalks, grass, etc.

2. Large capacity and low energy consumption.

3. The specially made feeding mechanism and unique design make the feeding system more uniform and reliable.

4. The feeder device, hardening and tempering and tilted chute are all made of stainless steel, more durable in use.

5. The gears of straw pellet machine are processed by carburizing and quenching and hard tooth surface grinding technologies, conductive to a smooth transmission, low noise, long service life. It also adopts high-precision gear for transmission and quick-release anchorear-type ring die, making the production improved by about 20%.

6. The iron-removing unit and overload protection device protect the main engine from being damaged during the working course.

7. The feeding auger has an adjustable rotating speed and suitable for various production requirements.

8. The transmission parts of the whole machine use high-quality bearings and oil seals, in order to ensure the transmission efficient, reliable and stable.

9. Our straw pellet machine is produced by the internationally advanced manufacturing device and processing techniques. The alloy steel ring die is featured by high durability, smooth discharging and high finished product quality.

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