Hammer Mill

Hammer Mill

Capacity: 1-7TPH

Warranty: 12 Months

Material's Moisture: Less than 30%

Spare Parts Supply: Will Supply Any Time

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Hammer mill is a new equipment which is designed based on hammer crusher. Inherited the advantages of hammer crusher, wood hammer mill can crush the large material into required size by impact force.

This new crushing equipment is mainly used to crush pin, miscellaneous wood, poplar, cedar, the original bamboo, etc., and also used to cut bamboo, thatch, corn stalks, sorghum stalk and other stalk fiber materials. It is widely used for the preparation section of particleboard, fiberboard, sawdust board, high-density plate and fiberboard production, also can be used for commodity wood chip production of individual household

Wood Hammer Mill Features:

1. Automation design and simple operation.
2. Advanced design technology, compact structure and shock resistance.
3. Large crushing ratio, high productivity, dry and wet crushing type.
4. High fineness of finished product, uniform grain size, good grain shape. It is not easy to block even though crushing high humidity material.
5. Hammerhead and sieve board adopt chromium manganese alloy material, which makes it stronger shock resistance and abrasive resistance.
6. It can reach the coarse and fine crushing goals without changing sieve.
7. Driven by hydraulic motor makes operation and maintenance safer.
8. The productivity increases 30% compared with similar product, and it is more energy saving.
9. Low noise and environmental protection.

Repair and Maintenance:

1. Before using the wood hammer mill, it should adjust the tightness of conveyor belt to ensure the long working life.
2. In the operating process, it should check the bearing temperature frequently. When the temperature rises to 50℃, should stop the machine to find out and eliminate faults in time.
3. After using the new hammer mill 3000 hours, it should replace new oil, and over 500 hours, replace oil again. Then replace oil every 1000 hours .
4. Regularly check and replace wear part to make sure the materials quality and productivity.

Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. has researched hammer mill over 20 years, and is the leader of China hammer mill manufacturers. Our company can design reasonable wood hammer mill according to customers' practical demands, and also customizes production line with reasonable price and high quality. We provide the spot crushing for coming customers. Sincerely welcome to visit our company site or inquire.

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