The appearance of stalk pellet mill not only solves the problem of people's livelihood, but also solves the problems of energy which we rely on for existence. Besides, stalk pellet mill solves the storage problem of straw for farmers, increases the national income and improves people's living standard.

Stalk Pellet Mill

Straw pellet machine is a piece of indispensable machinery in the future to develop new-type energy resources. It can produce the forestry and agricultural residues into a new type of granular fuel through a series of processes from crushing and extruding to pelletizing. The granular pellets produced can take the place of coal, petroleum, electricity, natural gas and other types of traditional energy. When burning, the new-type fuel after processed by pellet mill only generates very little dust and harmful gases. Compared with the natural energy, pellet fuel only causes a small threat to the environment. Environment Protecting and energy saving is the future development policy of straw pellet mills.

In view of the severe environment situation at present, the National Energy Administration has attached great importance to pollution abatement and is sparing no effort to promote the implementation of the energy-conservation and emissions-reduction policy. China has clearly put forward the energy development guideline of energy-saving, clean and safe and the development strategy of energy conservation first, based on the domestic, green and low-carbon, innovation-driven , as establishes the important position of energy saving and emission reduction in the future energy industry.

The biomass fuels produced by straw pellet mills and other types of mechanical equipment for new energy replace the traditional energy in the true sense. So we can say that straw pellet mill makes a great contribution to the energy saving policy and our beautiful living environment.

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