The total energy consumption and coal price are soaring all the way. As a result, China will be faced with multiple pressures of energy security, energy economy and energy environment in the new century. And actively developing renewable energy sources including hydraulic power, wind power, solar energy and biomass energy has become the inevitable choice of our country to realize the sustainable and healthy economy development. Accompanied by the rapid economic growth, the demand for wood pellet mill in our country presents an unprecedentedly rapid growth.

Wood Pellet Machine

It has a great practical significance to make use of wood pellet mill to utilize the biomass energy.

1. From the perspective of energy security, to develop biomass energy can solve the shortage of energy resources;

2. From the perspective of environmental protection, to develop and utilize biomass energy can improve the ever-deteriorating ecological environment;

3. To speed up the development and utilization of biomass energy is the basic requirement to establish the resources-saving society;

4. To develop and use the renewable energy sources in the rural areas according to the specific local conditions can increase farmer ' s income, improve the rural environment and accelerate the urbanization process;

5. To develop biomass energy can form new economic growth points, which have a great significance for readjusting the industrial structure, facilitating the transformation of economic growth patterns, enlarging employment and promoting the sustainable development of economy and society.

At present, the renewable energy resources project is characterized by less investment and quick result. Biomass fuel can be divided into three forms: granular, bulk-like and rod-like. Wood pellet mill is the necessary equipment to produce biomass pellet fuel.

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