What are the factors resulting in bad pellet shape of sawdust pellet mill? When suppressing wood pellets, sometimes the pellets are very loose, with a low forming rate. There is another situation that the pellets compressed are of good quality, but after a while the pellets will crack. If customers encounter with such cases, don't feel anxious. There are many causes. It needs us to find the reasons carefully.

Sawdust Pellet Mill

1. The raw materials:

A, Generally speaking, those wood chips having relatively soft texture are easier to granulate, for example pinewood. If the texture of the raw material is too hard, or the raw material is flour-like fine powder, it needs to be mixed with cer5tain amount of wood shavings.

B, Moisture control. The moisture of wood raw material should be controlled within 13%. Considering the characteristics of the raw materials, such as hardness, the specific value should be worked out according to the actual production condition. The water content of pine, fir and eucalyptus is required between 13% to 17%.

C, Different raw materials have different nature and different fibrous structure, thus the complexity of forming is different. For example, palm is difficult to compress. If the raw material is a kind of mixture, the blending ratio of various ingredients will also have an influence on the forming rate. .

2. The die compression ratio

The die compression ratio provided by the manufacturer to the user is only enacted in accordance with those common materials. So if users try to find a proper compression ratio according to their own raw materials, it needs them to pay more attention during the production process.

3. The clearance between the pinch roller and the die

The clearance between the pinch roller and the die generally should be controlled between 0.1 to 0.3. If the clearance is too big, it is unable to extrude and form; If the clearance is too small, the pellet density and surface smoothness may be much better, but it will increase the abrasion to the pinch roller and the die and shorten their using life.

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