People all have the awareness of environmental protection and energy conservation and they approve of the comprehensive development of crop straws. But to develop the circular economy of agricultural straws and make straw resources into a huge emerging industry, it cannot leave the support of technology and processing machinery like straw pellet mill, let alone the support of national policy.

Straw Pellet Mill

The related government department has further enlarged its support strength to the comprehensive development of crop straws and the research and promotion of straw pellet mill. Now people are all aware of the serious impact of straw burning. But in the actual life, straw burning continues to happen here and there. In some areas, farmers would rather burn off the straws than sell, as a result of traditional habits, low purchasing price, high transportation cost and so on.

Crop straw, as a kind of agricultural resource, has a broad application prospect. It not only can be used as feed, but also contributes to realizing the conversion of new energy fuel. Straw resource has a low degree of utilization and commercialization. The reason not only lies in the imperfection of straw utilization technology, but also in the inadequate implement of the relevant supporting policies. Marketing effort is not enough and the efficiency and effectiveness of straw comprehensive utilization should also be improved. In addition, what is more important is to raise farmers and straw pellet mill manufacturers' enthusiasm.

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