Pellet mill is the equipment used to process various biomass waste materials into pellet. During the applications of pellet mill, many customers are concerned about the maintenance of the machine. During the following passage, the technicians of Fote Machinery will tell you three main points that need to be paid attention to:

pellet mill

1. The breaking-in period of pellet machine.

The newly purchased pellet mill is just after a simple debugging before coming out of the factory, manufacturers can only ensure the normal discharge. After getting the pellet machine, it needs to be adjusted (in fact, any machine has a running period). For the pellet mill, the reasonable running is particularly important. This is because the ring and roller are the heat-treated pieces. In the heat treatment process, the inner hole of the ring die has some burr, and the burr will flow and form to hinder the material in the running process of particle machine, so the users should carry out the operation manual tips in strict accordance with the reference mentioned in the instructions.

2. The lubrication and cooling process.

The roller of pellet machine undertakes the role of pressing materials into the inner hole inside the die, and it will also push the front raw material to the reverse. The pressing roller directly influences the particles. In the normal operation of pellet machine, the working temperature of pellet machine is relatively high, and then we need do is to timely and reasonably supply the oil to ensure the lubrication between the particles of each component. The effective heat radiation measures can prolong the service life of the pressing wheel in the pellet machine, which can guarantee the production stability of the pellet machine.

3. The new pellet machine does not need too much material.

The general yield of new pellet mill is to lower than rated output, such as a rated output of 1t/h pellet machine, it can produce 900 kg per hour in the running period, but after the running period, its yield will reach the rated output itself.

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