Due to the support for wood pellet machine industry by the government and the social demand for new energy, many pellet mill manufacturers have sprung up. When purchasing pellet machines, a lot of customers are confused. 

There are a lot of customers have capital problems, technology and other factors, so the purchase of equipment has churn out and don't even dare to continue in this industry. How can we buy the right equipment? Is the price really the only factor in the making the decision for purchase? Fote Machinery will tell you how to use cheap and affordable pellet machine. First of all, choose pellet machine manufacturers with good quality, high efficiency and good reputation, Fote Machinery is a good choice. Here are some useful tips:

1. When buying a wood pellet machine, do not just consider the price, quality is really important, the key for the purchase of equipment is product quality and after-sales service.

2. We must consider the strength of manufacturers, inspect the factory, do not blindly listen to the boast of sales staff. On one hand, pay attention to the production capacity and scales of manufacturers, on the other hand, to see if there are a large number of successful cases for reference.

3. Whether the wood pellet machine factory has technical feasibility, whether they can technicians to guide the on-site installation and training. For some manufacturers, from equipment installation to commissioning, after two or three months, the equipment cannot make the pellet. When it can make the particles, the particle indicators are not up to the national requirements.

4. As far as possible to buy full automatic, continuous feeding system with simple operation and maintenance and complete accessories, which can improve the efficiency of wood pellet machine and reduce the labor costs, which is suitable for the long-term development for enterprises.

5. During the customer survey, you should note the significant aspects and pay more attention to the small details, which often determine the quality of the machine. Test the machine with a sample as much as possible. Welcome customers to come to our company for the sample testing! The quality and proficiency of operation technology of wood pellet machine will seriously affect the equipment production efficiency and product benefits. Generally, wood pellet machine manufacturers will provide high quality equipment and high technology support.

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