At present, the shapes of biomass fuel in China mainly include rod, massive and granular shapes. The processing methods for the several shapes fuel are the traditional production methods, which have the problems of high energy consumption, serious wear and short service life. Take the production of granular fuel method as an example, its production method is similar to the existing processing process, which is feeding the raw materials from the inner ring die of the equipment, and then they will be pressed into pellet shape trough the pressing roller.

Straw pellet machine

The process needs to consume a large amount of energy, the first energy consumption part is the pellet compaction process, the pressure has reached 50~100MPa, raw materials temperature can reach 100 to 120℃ under the high pressure deformation and heating, the motor drive needs to consume a large amount of electrical energy; the second energy consumption part is the drying process of raw material. Because the moisture content requirement is in 12% or so, in order to reach the water content rate, many raw materials after drying can be used for granulation; moreover, the finished hot particles need to cool down, and then for packaging. These processes are required to consume a lot of energy.

Straw pellet machine can uniformly press all kinds of corn straw, rice straw, rice husk, wheat straw, husk, soybean straw, cotton straw, medicine dregs, branches, leaves, sawdust, hay, waste edible fungi and garbage into pellet fuel. It takes circular motion as the principle, and the template and pressing roller adopt high quality alloy steel with special treatment. According to the different materials, the suppressed particles can be used as a biomass fuel. Straw pellet machine has the advantages of high density, high calorific value, good combustion, low cost, convenient use, clean and sanitary, convenient storage and transportation, which is the preferred model to improve the economic benefits of agricultural waste.

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