In the daily use of tree bark pellet mill, there are many points need us to pay more attention to, especially in the details. The following six points can help you effectively deal with the malfunctions happening on the tree bark pellet mill.

1. Axial cracks or radial cracks on the pellets, high pulverization rate and low output value. The reasons result in this phenomenon may include failing to meet the conditioning temperature and poor material curing degree. At this time, we should promote the conditioning temperature and increase the quantity of steam when tempering. If the cutter location is too far or the cutter is blunt, it will also result in this phenomenon.

Tree Bark Pellet Mill

2. The pellets have rough surface and high pulverization rate. This situation may due to the ring die tightening ratio is too small. We should enlarge the tight hole.

3. The pellets are smooth in appearance but with excessive hardness. The ring die tightening ratio may be too large. We should decrease it peoperly.

4. The pellet moisture is on the high side, production output is on the low side, and it is frequent to occur machine blockage. The pressure reducing valve may fail to reduce pressure and the drain valve may fail to drain water. We should adjust the pressure reducing valve and make the steam pressure in the conditioning device between 0.1 to 0.4 MPA. Or increase the conditioning temperature correspondingly. Because increasing temperature is conductive to material curing.

The pellet materials are of rough dentation. We should adjust the cutter spacing or adjust the location of the material separating deflection scrape.

The current error of the two motors is too big. We should adjust the belt tensioning degree of the two motors and try to keep the tensioning degree identical as far as possible.

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