In the industrial and chemical fields, biomass pellet machine has an universal application. It is mainly used to process granular materials. Different from other granulating machine, pellet machine has a highly-efficient operating speed and good quality. However, some spare parts of pellet machine are liable to jams in use, which requires us to regularly carry out routine cleaning on it.

biomass pellet machine

Then, what components are likely to be blocked exactly?

First, the filter screen.

As is known that this kind of biomass pellet machine consists of filter screen which is designed to filtrate the granular particles, make them more pure and ensure a higher quality. After a long term of use, the filter screen is easy to appear serous blockage. So when using such types of granulating machines, we had better conduct regular cleaning operations for them.

Second, the feeder unit.

The feeder unit of biomass pellet machine is the precondition to accomplish the pelletizing and pellet processing procedures. If no feeding channel, it will be impossible to complete particle crushing, processing and other tasks. Similarly, after the feeder unit is working for a long time, it may be jammed as well. If the materials carried by the feeder unit are too large in specifications, there will appear a more serious congestion, leading the feeing rate to descend. Therefore, daily cleaning the feeder unit is the fundamental condition to guarantee the equipment a normal and efficient operation.

From the above we know that the filter screen and feeder unit are the main parts liable to blockage, and we need to conduct a daily cleaning against them. If you want to ensure your biomass pellet machine working smoothly and efficiently in running, and ensure the high quality of the finished products, then we you pay more attention to the above two parts.

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