Any machines have both advantages and disadvantages; straw pellet machine is no exception.

When purchasing straw pellet machine, it's better to understand the merits and demerits of machines in detail and then make a good choice. We are straw pellet mill manufacturer; but in line with the principle of fairness and justice, we objectively describe the advantages and disadvantages here. Now, let's talk about the disadvantages first.

Straw Pellet Machine

1. Scarcity of raw materials. Strictly speaking, it's not the disadvantage of the pellet machine itself. But it's a thing should be considered before making straw pellets. We can see the straw over the ground when we don't making straw pellets, but actually it's very scarce when we do make straw pellets.

2. Straw pellets have low calorific value and low price. These are not the characteristics of the machine itself. But it's also one thing we need to know. The price of straw pellets is about 400 to 600RMB per ton, while the price of wood pellets can reach 800RMW per ton.

3. Ring die straw pellet machine is suitable for making straw feed pellets rather than straw fuel pellets. Because it's easy to block the materials and has small pressure and short service life.

4. High efficiency centrifugal straw pellet machine is not suitable for making feed pellets, which has higher price and cost.

Advantages of Straw Pellet Mill

1. It has government subsidies and policy support. The above content said that the straw pellets have low price, but if there is government subsidies, then it is appropriate.

2. The vertical ring die pellet machine has high output, good effect and long service life.

3. The straw pellet machine can effectively process all kinds of crops straw, such as wheat straw, corn straw, rice straw, bean straw, etc.

4. The straw pellet machine can press the crops straw into straw pellets without any additives, which ensures the good quality of the final pellets.

In conclusion, there is no absolute good or bad of straw pellet machine itself. Proper machine should be used in proper industry; only in this way can it play the biggest role.

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