Lime powder briquette machine is also known as quick lime briquette machine or quicklime dry powder ball press machine. Lime powder briquette machine is a professional briquetting equipment dedicated for suppressing lime powder. It can promptly compress lime powder into the targeted finished products with certain strength, hardness and shape, convenient for transportation and use. The full-set lime powder briquette production process of Fote Machinery can not only improve the utilization rate of waste materials, but also bring great economic and social benefits for enterprises.

Lime Powder Briquette Machine

Lime powder briquette machine applications:

Lime powder briquette machine is mainly used to briquette powdery materials into the required shapes. It has a wide application range and is aimed at reducing dust, control the volume-weight, improving transportation characteristics, etc.

It is worth noting that during the using process lime powder briquette machine, mineral powder briquette machine and many other equipment have strict rules on the briquetting pressure. When suppressing briquettes, if the briquetting pressure is too large and exceeds the limit value, the particle microstructure of the briquette will become brittle and liable to fracture. Besides, the binder in the particle gaps will be squeezed out and doesn't work. At the same time, it will result in demoulding difficulties to the briquette machine.

In fact, the briquetting pressure is not the bigger the better. When processing different materials, the hardness and water content varies, so the size of the briquetting pressure should also be adjusted according to the concrete situation in a timely and effective manner.

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