With wood pellet mill market growing bigger and bigger, the demand for wood pellets becomes greater and greater, and the number of the problems reflected by wood pellet mill users also gets larger and larger. Some customers buy several sets of pellet mills to produce and process by themselves. In this case, it usually requires a small yield, about 10 tons per day. Some customers jointly runs a factory by partnership and the yield is much bigger than that of individual production, dozens of tons per day.

Pellet Mills

Nowadays, many industries have a very large demand for biomass pellet fuel, such as bathing, guesthouse, hotel, residential heating and so on. In addition, wood pellet mill can also be used for large-size industrial boilers. A set of industrial boiler needs at least 20 tons of biomass wood pellets. In some power plants or large heating departments, there is even a larger demand.

Because of the change of our national policy, a number of boiler enterprises begin to produce biomass boilers. Where there is a need of biomass boiler, there is biomass pellet. Therefore, some pellet producers start to cooperate with biomass boiler manufacturers. In order to expand their market, some other enterprises are considering buying a full set of wood pellet mill production line and process biomass pellet fuel by themselves to solve the inadequate supply of fuel. Thus it can be seen that in the next few years the development of wood pellet mill will be better and better.

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