In accordance with the relevant policies of the state, the processing and utilization of industrial waste residue by mineral powder briquette machine may be exempted from value-added tax and income tax. Through the pressing process, wet powder is compressed into balls after being pressed by mineral powder briquette machine without adding any binder, so that the purity of the product is guaranteed. The materials can be directly pressed into ball shape without further drying process, which is more conducive to the connection and transformation of modern production process.

The processing and utilization of mineral powder briquetting machine complies with the economic cycle, the construction of national advocated saving society as well as the sustainable development policy. The processing of mineral powder can reduce industrial waste emissions, which is conducive to environmental protection; if there is backlog, it will cause secondary pollution and increase the cost of transportation and stacking. Mineral powder particles have high strength, which is suitable for all kinds of transportation. It can reduce packaging costs and improve product transport capacity. Through years of industrial use and improvement, mineral powder briquetting machine has debugging advantages of high ball forming rate, small power consumption, compact structure and convenient maintenance when compared with other similar products. It is suitable for various molding in industrial gas, coal boiler, cold coke, fire briquette, civil briquette, medicine, civil metallurgy and refractory material industry. In addition, the powder particle after pressing is the best material for making retarder in cement factory.

Fote Machinery has absorbed domestic and international advanced technology to create briquette machine, either in performance or ball forming effect, it is perfect. We mainly produce large and medium briquetting machines, such as mineral powder briquetting machine, fluorite powder briquetting machine, dry powder briquetting machine, strong pressure briquetting machine, desulfurization gypsum briquetting machine and the accessory equipment of briquetting machines. If you need more details about briquetting machine price, please send mails to or click our online customer service!

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