In recent years, the environmental problem becomes increasingly serious, and biomass fuel industry arises with it. Biomass energy is to make straw, sawdust, branches and other agriculture and forestry waste into pellets to replace coal and reduce the usage of it and finally to realize environment improvement. The most suitable machine for producing biomass fuel pellets is the vertical ring die pellet mill, which is elaborately developed by our company, specially aimed at crude fibre granulating with high efficiency, large output, high briquetting ratio, big density, etc. The vertical ring die pellet mill has the following advantages:

Vertical Ring Die Pellet Mill

1. Vertical feeding, effectively avoid blocking.

2. Vertical and static installation of the mold; Double purposes for the lower bottom, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

3. High-speed rotating pinch pulley generates centrifugal force which makes materials distribute uniformly.

4. Two sets of lubrication systems, ensuring a thorough lubrication for the running parts.

5. Lower temperature and removing dust to achieve the required temperature effect of the granulating chamber. Avoid oil heating up, spilling over or carbon deposition and agglomeration, to protect the lubrication system from damage.

6. The main spindle and one-pieces hollow shaft adopt Germany imported alloy structure and are manufactured after water forging, rough turning, heat treatment, finish turning and accurate grinding, with reasonable structure, uniform hardness, improving component fatigue resistance and wear resistance and ensuring a security and reliable operation.

7. The pellet formation system employs high quality silent bearings, in addition to increasing a thin oil circulation cooling lubrication system, making the bearing service life longer with smooth operation.

Vertical ring die pellet mill is the first choice for biomass pellets production, and Fote Machinery is the preferred vertical ring die pellet mill manufacturer.

Fote Machinery specializes in the production of pellet mill equipment and complete sets of auxiliary equipment. Our strong r&d team and perfect after-sales service are the guarantees for choosing FTM brand!

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