Some people may be still not able to distinguish coal briquette machine and coal briquette production line clearly. First of all, both of them are used in the production of coal products. The major difference is that coal briquette machine is just one part of coal briquette production line, responsible for press the processed coal powder into various shapes. So it has a significant difference in the investment between purchasing a set of coal briquette machine and setting up a complete set of coal briquette production line.

Coal Briquette Production Line

Now that a single coal briquette machine is also used to suppress coal powder, why do people still invest a large sum of money to establish a coal briquette production line? During modern industrial production nowadays, there is a big demand for coal products, and coal briquette machine can be used to suppress the processed coal powder only. Therefore, its productivity and automation degree are far behind the coal briquette production line. Coal briquette production line can accomplish a coordinated process from coal crushing to finished products drying, and has the characteristics of automation, continuity and high output, fully meeting the demand of the market.

So the major reason why coal briquette production line costs more is that it consists of many types of machinery equipment, such as crushing equipment, mixing equipment, transportation equipment, drying equipment, and coal briquette machine and so on. The high-investment and high-yield coal briquette production line is the most ideal and widespread equipment for coal enterprises.

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