When invest coal briquette production line, you should not only consider the associated configuration and performance of briquette machine, but also should compare the goods more than three manufacturers to choose the right price. At the same time, the site of factory, covering issues also need careful analysis and selection. When the preparation is completed, the relevant work will be ready to start production, and then we must ensure that the personnel are in place. So, how many operators, how to carry on the division of labor and how to reduce the human cost are the problems that need to thought about.

Coal briquette production line

The briquette production line can continuously work for a long time in bad environment, and the specific conditions to be configured according to the actual situation, which can not only ensure the normal operation of the briquette machine, but also can greatly save manpower resources. The equipment can work automatically, but the equipment needs staff to oversee its running state and timely repair it during the processing operations. The technical personnel of Fote Machinery can provide a basic staffing data for you, if you want to invest the briquette machine production line, it can be used as reference. The working shop needs 5 people to guard the production line to ensure the normal operation of equipment; in the working process of the machine, there will be some unexpected technical faults and problems, so to repair the machine timely; the logistics needs to guarantee that the food and the security of personnel are in place, which can be arranged for 4 people or so.

Fote Machinery is a professional briquette manufacturer in China, which is the integration of research, development, production and sales. Our company is equipped with professional raw material testing instrument, which can make out the ratio of different adhesives according to the material characteristics to meet different production needs for customers. If you want to know more staffing problems and investment on coal briquette production line, customers can communicate with us, we will provide the best service and the best equipment for you!

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