Wood pellet machine is an important tool for pressing and producing wood pellets, which has received a great welcome in environmental protection and energy saving market. Wood pellet machine takes crop straw or sawdust as main raw materials. Through the wood pellet machine, the materials will be pressed into cylindrical particles. According to the different raw material quality, the produced particles can be used as a kind of biomass fuel, which can also be used as livestock feed. However, in the choice of wood pellet machine, customers often become confused, how to buy wood pellet machine with high quality and low price, and how to distinguish between the performance of ring modes? During the following passage, Fote Machinery will introduce some purchasing method of wood pellet machine:

Wood Pellet Machine

Wood pellet, as the name implies, is the compacted particulate material which uses sawdust as main raw material. The characteristics of sawdust material include poor adhesion, light density and difficult molding. With these features, we have sufficient basis for our choice of wood pellet machine. Because the wood pellet machine is the basic particle processing machine evolved in biomass energy equipment industry, and even in some enterprises, they simply take the feed particle machine to press the sawdust particles. Wood pellet machine can be divided into two categories: one is the flat die wood pellet mill, and the other is ring die pellet mill. These two kinds of equipment used to suppress the sawdust particles can be called flat die wood pellet machine and ring die wood pellet machine. The two models also have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of flat die wood pellet machine include high pressure, simple gap adjustment, simple mold pressing wheel, small size, light weight and the moisture requirements of raw material are not strict; its disadvantages are low yield, much wear, high power consumption and the replacement of mould pressing wheel is quite troublesome. The ring die wood pellet machine has the advantages of high yield, low power consumption, small wear and simple replacement of the mould pressing wheel. The disadvantages of ring die pellet mill include small pressure, difficult to radiate heat, low particle density, etc. We hope that the above introduction can offer useful help for you. With excellent processing equipment, complete detection means, high-quality products, good reputation and first-class customer service, we have won the trust of domestic and foreign customers. Welcome customers from all walks of life to visit our company!

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