Ring die pellet mill is a kind of porous ring, which has wearing parts, thin wall, various die holes and high assembly dimension precision. When it is working, with the extrusion force and rotation of die and roller, the materials will be made into into strips from the inner wall outward extrusion through a die orifice, and then cut into the required length grain by the cutting knife. When it comes to the selection of ring die for pellet machine, Fote Machinery has made some analysis to serve as your reference.

Ring Die Pellet Machine

Ring die is generally made of carbon steel, alloy steel or stainless steel after forging. It is made through machining, drilling jig holes and heat treatment processes. At present, the popular ring die in domestic market has both high and low prices, the main reason is that in the aspect of material selection, some domestic small factories have different process selection and control of different ring die. Its production is mainly composed of carbon steel or alloy structure steel by forging and twist drill for drilling die hole, and then processed by the ordinary heat. In the production process, it is much easier to appear problems. In addition, there is a more serious problem that the service life is low and it is not wear-resistant.

According to the working condition of the ring mould, you should choose the ring die which has reasonable material, advanced equipment and reasonable process in the production of ring die. Stainless steel ring die is a good choice, and its ring mold is made of stainless steel, which is the essence of long service life. In summary, the reasonable selection of ring die quality is the best to reduce production costs for ring die pellet machine and improve the quality of finished products. Fote Machinery is the processional ring die pellet mill manufacturer in China, and the ring die produced by our company has highest quality with most reasonable price. We can also design and produce the suitable models and specifications for you according to your actual production.

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