Wood pellet fuel is a kind of clean and environment-friendly energy, and its price is relatively cheap, so it is the effective way to achieve sustainable development, and it is the excellent substitute of natural gas and diesel. In addition to the existence of huge market potential, there is also great social significance of wood pellet machine:

Wood Pellet Machine

1. It gradually increases the promotion of wood pellet machine manufacturing and biomass energy, which not only reduces the production cost, but also reduces environmental pollution.

2. It solves the rural crop straw and 'double cut' social problems in cities, which not only effectively improves the comprehensive utilization rate of agricultural waste, but also can provide new environment-friendly fuel for industrial production, biomass power generation, restaurants and hotels, residents living with environmental and conservation fuel.

3. Biomass energy is from photosynthesis in green plants, which can consume large amounts of carbon dioxide, therefore is called the zero emission energy. Wood pellet machine can increase the utilization of biomass energy, so that biomass fuel is alternative to coal to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, nitrogen oxide pollution of the atmosphere and the occurrence of acid rain phenomenon. It will make great contributions to the improvement of energy structure, increase of energy utilization efficiency as well as the reduction of environment pressure.

With a solid professional knowledge and advanced production technology, Fote Machinery is equipped with a group of passionate and energetic engineering and technical personnel. Over the years, we have been committed to the research and development of biomass pellet mill and complete sets of engineering design, manufacturing and marketing. Our pellet equipment mainly includes wood pellet mill, rice straw pellet mill, peanut shell pellet mill, coconut shell pellet mill and other pellet making equipment. We are looking forward to you enquiry!

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