Energy is the material basis of human activities. In recent years, with the flourish of the industry, the consumption of non-renewable energy becomes more and more serious and the non-renewable energy is nearly run out of. So we have to consider looking for other alternative energy sources, for example, biomass energy. Biomass energy is a kind of renewable resource. It takes crop stalks, tree barks, plant waste or animal waste as raw materials and is used for combustion after processing or forming instead of direct combustion.

biomass pellets

Petroleum is a kind of important chemical and industrial raw material, as well as the essential strategic supply of the nation. The development of petroleum industry is the symbol of a nation's military power and economic power. In the past few years, petroleum chemical industry plays an increasingly important part in our country. But petroleum belongs to non-renewable energy and surely someday it will be used up.

The development of petroleum is quite complex, generally including site selection, well drilling, oil pumping and water injection. These procedures have a large destructive effect on the stratum structure. The long term of petroleum exploitation is bound to result in serious damages to stratum structure. It may cause soil loosening or even leads to underlying collapses. The exploitation and utilization of the traditional non-renewable resources will cause pollution to the environment. The mining and refining of crude oil is also a process to pollute the environment. It will directly lead to air pollution and water pollution.

As world's population keeps growing and people's living standard improves gradually, there will be more chemical products and fuels in demand. So the environment pollution will be surely aggravated. Given this, we must find a new way to explore clean alternative energy resources. Of course, our biomass pellet mills can support the utilization of biomass energy, such as tree bark pellet mill, cotton stalk pellet mill, wheat straw pellet mill, rice husk pellet mill, sawdust pellet mill, bagasse pellet mill, etc.

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