In foreign countries, many biomass energy technologies and devices have reached the commercial application. Compared with other forms of biomass energy, biomass granule fuel is more convenient, which is comparable with natural gas, petroleum and coal. For example, in America, Sweden and Austria, their application scope of biomass energy respectively accounts for 4%, 16% and 10% of the one-off energy consumption.

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China attaches great importance to the development and application of biomass energy. Since the 1980s, the Chinese government has ranked the research and application of biomass energy utilization technology as a key project. Over the years, our biomass energy technology has been further improved. But the biomass granule energy still has a rare promotion and application in China.

Compared with the traditional fuel, biomass granule fuel has not only economic advantages, but also environmental benefits, in full compliance with the requirements of sustainable development.

1. The biomass granule fuel decreases its volume and saves storing space, makes it convenient for transportation and reduces the transportation cost.

2. Biomass granule energy has high combustion efficiency, easy to be burned out, with a less residual carbon.

3. Its density is improved largely and the burning duration is lengthened substantially. It can be directly used in the coal-fired boilers.

4. In addition, when biomass granule fuel is burning, the content of harmful gases is very low, correspondingly decreasing the emission of harmful gases to a large extent. It has an obvious effect on environmental protection and the ash after burning can be used as potash fertilizer directly.

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