Biomass fuel industry has made great contributions to the green and sustainable development of China's economic construction. Straw pellet mill, the newly emerging machinery manufacturing industry is now stepping out of the early stage of development at a skyrocketing pace. Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., is one of the top biomass machinery manufacturers in China.

The straw pellet mill manufactured by it is of mature world-leading technology, complete product catalogue, reliable performance and reasonable price.

Straw Pellet Mill

Another factor for the rapid development of straw pellet mill industry is the high return rate in the biomass fuel market, which attracts numerous enterprises into biomass industry. With the significant increase in the market demand for straw pellet mill, there are increasingly more companies beginning to enter this promising industry. Whereas, this situation still causes some problems. For example, many straw pellet mill manufacturers in their development course, blindly pursue economic benefits through simply expanding the production scale, increasing productivity and reducing production cost, instead of paying more attention to their equipment quality and manufacturing techniques, without attaching importance to innovations. The repeated production by various enterprises makes the equipment supply gradually much greater than the demand, thus leading to excess production capacity. Excess production capacity will not only hinder the development of the enterprise itself, but also affected the progress of the whole industry.

Therefore, if the straw pellet mill industry want to develop fast and stably, it must change the backward development models of the past, and take a healthy and sustainable developing road by means of improving their product quality and technologies to strength their comprehensive enterprise competitiveness.

Fote Machinery specializes in the production of pellet mill equipment and complete sets of auxiliary equipment. Our strong r&d team and perfect after-sales service are the guarantees for choosing FTM brand!

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