Even two piece of equipment of the same functions may still have big difference. So do the ring die pellet mill and flat die pellet mill. In order to let everyone know more clear about them, next, we will talk about their differences.

The vertical ring die pellet mill is a kind of specially designed pellet machine directing at wood chips and saw dust. While flat die pellet mill is mainly applied to the pelletizing of organic waste in livestock farms, Breeding plants, feed mills, sugar refining, paper making, medicine and pharmacy, cigarette factories and other industries.

vertical ring die pellet mill

Different feeding manner:

Ring die pellet mill adopts a mechanical obsessive feeding way, by which the materials rotate at a high speed and are distributed into the granulating chamber centrifugally, and it distributes materials with scraper, leading to an uneven feeding. While the flat die pellet mill depends on gravity to make materials vertically into the granulating chamber and achieves an uniform feeding.

Different pressure:

In the mould of the same diameter, the diameter size of the ring die pinch roller is restricted by that of the ring die, so its pressure is limited. But the size of the flat die pinch roller is not restricted by the diameter of the die, so it can choose a large bearing to strengthen pinch roller's tolerance capacity.

flat die pellet mill

Different discharge method:

The ring die pellet mill belongs to high rotation speed, so the materials have a high breakage rate when discharged; The flat die pellet mill belongs to low rotation speed and accordingly has a low breakage rate.

Ring die pellet mill can adjust pressure through the two screws on the eccentric gear in the middle of the pinch roller. Flat die pellet mill adopts the thread m100 center regulating mechanism and has access to both manual adjustment and hydraulic automatic adjustment.

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