Sawdust is very common in forestry industry, with the constant market development, sawdust plays a very important role in our life. For example, at present, a majority of tables we are using are made from compressed plate which is compressed by wood. The massive production requires professional sawdust processing equipment. Our sawdust pellet mill is your best choice. Next, we will emphatically introduce the frequently asked questions and their corresponding solutions of sawdust pellet mill for mass users.

Sawdust Pellet Mill

1. Sawdust pellet mill vibrates seriously when processing materials. If at the very beginning there is no such a phenomenon, and the vibration gradually becomes more and more severe and even out of balance, this situation is mostly caused by the uneven wear to hammer, which directly lead to the rotor out of balance. Another reason may be screw loose.

Solutions: Replace the seriously worn hammer of add balancing weight to the hammer to solve the problem of unbalanced rotation. Check the fixed bolts on the engine base and fasten the nuts.

2. Electrical heating, fuse blowout or motor smoking. Main causes: One is excessive feeding which causes congestion and motor overloaded. In this case, we should stop feeding immediately and until the machine back to normal state. Another is the sieve mash blocked, resulting in the materials unable to be discharged. At this time, we should halt the machine and disconnect power, then open the main case to clean the sieve before starting operation.

3. Yield reduction. The decrease in yield may be cause by the following factors. One is the moisture content is too high. To solve it , we can make the raw materials dried in the sun. Another is the machine's hammer is badly worn. We should reverse the hammer or simply change a new one, and correctly arrange the hammer as stipulated in the instruction.

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