Pellet mill has becoming a piece of more and more necessary machinery in our lives. According to customer's reaction, the pellet mill after purchasing from the manufacturer, must be ground firstly, and then the disassembly and assembly becomes an essential step. Here, we will give you a detailed introduction on how to disassemble the pellet mill. In order to avoid damages to machine parts and unnecessary troubles, we should make clear the aufbau principles of the machine or its components. The following seven points must be kept in mind in the removal process .

pellet mill

1. Make good preparation for the assembly when removing. In order to improving assembly efficiency and ensuring assembly accuracy, when disassembling, we should act in accordance with the directions, and pay attention to checking the records and marks.

2. Before disassembling, we should remove the dust and greasy dirt and keep clean during the disassembly process.

3. Disassemble as required. Reduce the removal workload as far as possible, and do not remove what is non-removable.

4. Use suitable tools to remove. Don't hit out or bang, to avoid the parts damage or deformation.

5. Disassemble in accordance with a reasonable order, usually from the accessories to main parts, from outside to inside, by dismantling the whole machine into assembly, then into components and finally into parts.

We hope this article can reduce unnecessary troubles for our customers and teach them how to disassemble pellet mills.

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