Sometimes, the sawdust briquette machine may be troubled by uneven granulating. Next, let's analyze the reasons leading to this phenomenon together.

1. The problem on the blade or gear of sawdust briquette machine. Pellets' shaping mainly depends on the rotation of the gear to drive the blade to cut pellets. Once the blade or the gear goes wrong, it will make the pellets not uniform in size.

2. The operational problems. Sometimes, because of operator's non-standard operation, it can also result in the sawdust briquette machine producing uneven pellets. For example, if the raw powdery materials have high water content, it will make the pellets hard to be shaped or easy to crack when in cold wind after forming. Once encountering with this situation, the operator should keep calm to analyze, find out reasons and carry out timely remedy, in case of affecting sawdust briquette machine's productivity and resulting in unnecessary economic loss.

Sawdust Briquette Machine

3. The problem on the electric motor. If the motor used is not fit in the rated power, once the sawdust pellet machine is damaged during its working process or the working power is not stable, it will lead to various phenomena such as unable to granulate or uneven granulating.

If your sawdust briquette machine is troubled by uneven granulating just yet, you can contrast the above several reasons to find out solutions. If you still cannot find out exact causes, please contact with us. We will arrange out professional technical personnel to answer you. Our company is specialized in manufacturing all kinds of briquette machines and pellet machines. If you have a need, please visit our website to consult the online customer service or leave us a message on the website. We will reply you as soon as possible.

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