Biomass direct combustion for power generation refers to fully making use of biomass fuel and sending them to special steam boilers suitable for biomass burning to produce steam and drive the steam turbine and electric generator to produce electricity. In principle, biomass combustion power generation makes no difference to coal-fired thermal power generation. To distinguish from the raw materials, biomass direct combustion for power generation now mainly include the typical power generation from direct burning, such as the agricultural and forestry wasters and crop stalks, and living garbage incineration for power generation.

Biomass Briquetting Machine

There are many types of biomass boilers have been invented and applied, such as wood boiler, bagasse boiler, rice husk-fired boiler, straw boiler, and etc. The key techniques of biomass combustion power generation include raw material pretreatment, biomass boiler anticorrosion, applicability improvement of biomass boiler, combustion efficiency improvement, steam turbine efficiency improvement and so forth. It can't do without the support of biomass briquetting machine to put these technologies into practice.

Performance advantages of biomass briquetting machine:

1.Biomass briquetting machine can be used to produce various kinds of biomass pellets using wood chips, straws, husks and etc. as raw materials;

2. Biomass briquetting machine has high output, low consumption, low noise, low failure rate, strong resistance to fatigue, economy and durability and capable of continuous production;

3. Adopt a variety of molding technologies such as cold press molding and extrusion molding. And the oil polishing reshaping process makes the biomass pellets with good appearance and compact structure;

4. The whole machine adopts superior materials and advanced connecting shaft driving device. The key parts adopt high quality alloy steel and wear-resisting materials, and are processed by German vacuum furnace heat treatment, making the service life 5 to 7 times longer.

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