Under the new development, compared with wind and solar power, biomass energy has more new development opportunities in the future. One of the main measures to reduce fog and haze is to effectively utilize biomass energy, and it is also the motivation for biomass energy industry to develop vigorously.

biomass pellet machine

Generally speaking, wind power and solar power are mainly used in large-scale power generation. But the more urgent in our country at present is not power problem, but the protection of the ecological environment. Biomass energy exactly right has unique functions in atmospheric controlling and waste treatment.

In light of application, there are several approaches to popularize biomass energy around the construction of new urbanization.

1. Direct household heating.

2. Small-sized comprehensive utilization system of co-generation.

3. The heating system of industrial zone.

4. Environmental governance in rural areas.

From the point of technique, most of the technologies of biogas power generation, biodiesel, cellulosic ethanol and so on still have to rely on subsidies to promote. But biomass heating and gasification technologies has beome basically mature by far and able to achieve profits.

The application of biomass energy cannot depart from the support of biomass pellet machine. Fote Machinery is specialized in producing all kinds of biomass pellet machine, straw pellet machine, grain shell pellet machine, coconut shell pellet machine and many other pelletizing equipment and the complete sets of auxiliary equipment.

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