After many years of research and development and production, Henan Fote Heavy Machinery has obtained user's high praise and has been developing steadily in domestic market. With professional manufacturing technology, unique production plan, we make our products all meet users' demands. Charcoal briquetting machine with totally new design can help customers solve various problems during the suppressing process. Upon launch, it has drawn a large number of consumers' attention.

Charcoal Briquetting Machine

We uphold the principle of serving the users and building high quality products. This equipment adopts the special wear-resisting material and perfect internal structure to reduce the frictions between the parts and prolong its service life. Moreover, we can customize various kinds of products according the different requirements to meet users' specific production demand.

Through many practices, our charcoal briquetting machines combined with high-end technologies and unique performance are able to suppress materials into ideal briquette balls for one-time, with excellent suppression effect, giving full expression to the effectiveness of our equipment. Aimed at the market demand, Fote Machinery spares no effort to research and develop high-efficiency and high-productivity equipment and provide customers with the best production plans, for the sake of saving labor and money for users and helping more enterprises realize their dream of low investment and high yield.

Our products has the best quality and the most reasonable price in the industry and have many advantages over other equipment. Welcome to our company for field trip!

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