Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. is committed to the innovative research and development of new-type ball press machines and establishing good cooperative relationships with customers. Users' demand and satisfaction are our permanent pursuit and goal. The products produced by our company have attracted a large number of customers and won a good reputation. We are aimed at ranking among the first-brand enterprises, becoming one of the most outstanding manufacturers and providing customers with better service.

Ball Press Machine

Ball press machine is mainly used for pressing hard-to-shape powder materials, characterized by large molding pressure, adjustable revolution of the main engine and being equipped with screw feeding device. The main engine is powered by electromagnetic speed-regulating motor, and then the power is delivered to the main shaft through the pulley, cylindrical gear reducer and rod pin coupling. The driving shaft and driven shaft keep a synchronous operation through the exposed gear. Behind the passive bearing seat there is equipped with hydraulic equipment.

The screw feeding device is driven by electromagnetic speed-regulating motor. Due to the characteristic of constant torque of electromagnetic speed-regulating motor, when the pressure rate of the spiral feeder is equal to the required amount of materials of the main engine, it can maintain a constant feeding pressure to make the briquette quality stable.

The hydraulic protection device can protect the roller from damages. This machine can adjust pressure according to the requirement of briquetting density and achieve flexible production.

Our elaborate manufacture, sincere service and 24-hours-open telephone are for the sake of providing customers with the best-quality service and the most reliable guarantee. We hope that our customers can completely trust us free from worries, achieve our everlasting pursuit over the years and win reputation.

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